Saturday, December 21, 2013

Go To Christmas Gift Ideas

As the Christmas season is now upon us, the hunt for Christmas gifts has commenced.  I cannot believe there are only a few days until Christmas! I am so loving this time of year. In this post I shall endeavor to help you with gift ideas for people who aren't the easiest to find gifts for.

The first thing that just about everyone loves is, CHOCOLATE! Its a good gift for women but also your dads and such. You could do this with really any candy, just wrap it with a big bow and it makes an enjoyable gift.

Along the lines of food items, tea bags are a thoughtful gift for teachers, moms or any women who love tea as much as we do. There are many Christmas-ey flavors out in the stores right now. One of my family's favorite brand of tea is Stash, it has pleasant flavors that come in many varieties.

The next idea I have is for any girls you know. In my household these items are popular with my 8-year-old sister all the way to my mom. My point with this is that these items are appropriate for almost all ages. Bath and Body Works puts out a variety of products including, perfume, lotion, shower gel, candles and many other products. They have many scents, one of my favorites is Paris Amour. For the holiday season they put out several Christmas scents. For younger girls I suggest Sweet Pea, it is soft and girly.

EOS lip balm is another little stocking stuffer that I highly recommend. They come in many flavors, my favorite flavor is the mint. They feel amazing on your lips. I usually take one of these to speech and debate tournaments and apply it between rounds. It is really a lifesaver when it comes to chapped lips. 

The next gift is for the brothers, uncles and guy friends. They seem to be the hardest to buy for, but between chocolate and the next couple of ideas we should have them covered. Below is a pocketknife I actually got at a cabin near the lake last summer with some girl friends, it is not super fancy but it is practical and serves me well. You can find really nice ones online or at stores such as Bass Pro. It's a nice thoughtful gift that they can use often. I actually inherited my Grandpa's Old Timer pocketknife that he carried in his pocket every day. It is definitely one of my favorite earthly possessions because I know it was something he used often. 

Have a very merry Christmas as you hopefully get to spend time with family! Remember that this season is about The Messiah who came two thousand years ago to be our redeemer. It's all about Christ and His love, this season as we give to others let's keep in mind it was Jesus who gave the ultimate gift!
Merry Christmas! 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Music, Music and More Music

I thought I would take some time to make a post full of songs to share with you that I have enjoyed.  I hope  enjoy it and take time to listen to some of these songs which have each encouraged me or just make me happy. 

This first song has become one of my favorite songs just because of how powerful it is. The message that we can make a difference when we stand up for Christ. When we speak truth it can be a powerful thing.
Proof of Your Love by For King & Country

This next song was written and performed by one of my favorite musicians and biggest role-models, Moriah Peters. 
Bloom by Moriah peters

This next song is from the upcoming The Hobbit the Desolation of Smaug movie which comes out this Friday. They released this one song from the soundtrack early. The guitar fingering in this song is really incredible as well as the voice. 
I See Fire by Ed Sheeran

I am not very familiar with this artist but this song has a really cute bubbly sound that 
makes me happy.
The Show by Lenka 

This song has a really sweet sound and a is a great reminder to look up and see The Lord's beautiful sunshine. I have loved this band since 2007-2008, I used to have all of their lyrics memorized. As I have gotten older a lot of their lyrics have become powerful reminders in my life. I got to meet the girls in the band at WinterJam 2008, they were as sweet as can be and were very encouraging to me even as a much younger girl then. 
Hello Sunshine by Barlowgirl

This next song is an electronic song by a group that one of my friends really got me hooked on. I saw them last year at WinterJam, their songs are encouraging and high-energy. They are good to listen to when you are in a mood to get energetic and pumped up with good lyrics and fun music. 
I Feel So Alive by Capital Kings

This video is an original song by Lindsey Stirling, she is a super talented violinist who puts a fun twist on classical violin. 
Minimal Beat by Lindsey Stirling

I hope you enjoyed listening to some of the music I like. I hope you all have a wonderful day! 
Don't ever forget you are loved and were created for a purpose. 

P.S. Let me know if you like these music posts 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Ellie Mae

Ellie, and I agree that today is a sleeting, snowing, homework-doing, hot chocolate-drinking, chillaxing kind of day. 

This post is also a little introduction to Ellie Mae, my four-year-old, long-haired mini dachshund. We adopted her about 3 and a half years ago on a really rainy, cool, spring day.

 On the day we adopted her I had just done a kid-athalon (a mini triathlon for kids) and was once again hit with the fact that I am not a very athletic person. I was a little disappointed at the time. We stopped at Walmart on the way home. As we pulled into the parking lot we saw a little Volkswagen Bug with a cardboard sign stating "Mini Dachshunds for sale". My dad, who a few weeks before had learned he loved our cousins dachshund, decided that we should stop and look at the puppies while my mom went into the store. Just before my mom got out of the car to brave the rain that stood between her and the store my dad, gripping the steering wheel and staring straight forward deep in thought, turned towards her and cooly says "I think the girls and I are going to go look at those puppies". My mom turned and said "You can't just take the girls to look at puppies! If you do that we'll go home with a dog!".  At this statement my heart skipped a beat, I had wanted a dog for years. We stopped, looked, and our hearts melted. My little sister and I liked the little brown girl almost immediately. My mom came out of Walmart and my dad somehow convinced her that she needed to see the puppy. We have now spent the past three years completely loving the little blessing God gave us when He gave us this little fluff ball. 

A few facts you need to know about Ellie
1. She likes chopped veggies, just as well as any other human food.
2. She is a great listener 
3. She doesn't like being wet, or too clean.
4. She really likes cats, as friends, not as food.
5. She is generally scared of tall men but loves them after about 15 minutes of getting to know them.
6. She is really cute... (I couldn't help but put that last one in)