Sunday, February 16, 2014

New Favorite Hairstyle

I have been seeing lots of 1920's inspired hairstyles on the internet and on girls around town that I really love.
I wanted to be able to duplicate these hairstyles on myself but had thought my hair was to heavy to keep up because it is so thick. I have found one way to do it, that seemed fairly simple and worked with almost any hair type. I gave it a whirl and was really pleased with the outcome.You start by wrapping hair around your favorite headband and securing it with bobby pins. You continue tucking/rolling the hair around the headband until it makes a sort of crown all the way around. My hair is naturally curly which fit the style but you can curl your hair before hand to get the same full look. If you have thinner hair you can loosen it some to make it look more full and then finish it off with a good amount of hairspray. I hope you enjoy this hairstyle as much as I did! 
 Have a wonderful day, and never doubt that you were created for a purpose! <3