Sunday, July 3, 2016

Picture Perfect

I see the #liveauthentic hashtag going around Instagram, and have noticed it always seems to follow a perfectly posed picture. They usually are pictures of picturesque places where people have gone on adventures too that make a perfect Instagram post, or other times it is a picture of a well positioned coffee cup on a wooden table, etc. It made me think about real authenticity. I realized that while there is nothing wrong with taking nice photos and filling your Instagram or Twitter with only the best content, truly living authentic is something entirely different. It isn't a certain type of social media post, it is sharing our burdens; it is being honest about who we are and not making ourselves look a certain way on social media and a different way in real life. It is integrity, meaning that how you present yourself is who you really are. Living authentic is talking with one another, and being honest about how crazy things are but how much greater our God is. It is being who God created you to be. Truly living authentic is messy, but there is a certain level of freedom in it. Live authentically, as you love authentically with the love of Christ.

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